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I've been teasing my Letter Bunting for a couple of months now, and at last the first designs are here!


For Spooky Season, I have made 'Happy Halloween' and 'Trick or Treat' Mini Bunting, available with either black or orange letters.

When I say mini, it obviously isn't tiny, but also not full sized ... it's inbetween, perfect for decorating a party table (you can tie it to 2 bottles) hung from a dresser, or even from a tree for a picnic.


The individual letter flags are approx 6.5cm high and 5cm - 7cm wide depending on the letter and each word is punctuated with a Cobweb Pennant flag, as well as having one at the beginning and end of the bunting.


Happy Halloween : This bunting has 18 individual flags (4 Cobweb flags and 14 letters) It comes with 2 strings, so you have the option to hang each word individually, but will also fit on the longer 2m string.


Trick or Treat : This bunting has 16 individual flags (4 Cobweb flags and 12 letters. This bunting comes with a single 2m string.


Choose your design from the menu.

If you would like a phrase of your choice please drop me a message.


This bunting is gorgeous for a Halloween picnic, but they are paper based so please don't leave them out in the rain!

EB Halloween Letter Mini Bunting