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Today marks the 70 years of our beloved Queen ascending to the throne. To mark her Platinum Jubilee I am delighted to launch the first items in my Jubilee Commemorative Range.


These designs are my small Jubilee collection and include my brand new Union Jack Queen's Head, as well as the Mug & Teacup shapes. All these shapes can be made as hanging decorations or bookbands, simply chose your shape and item from the menu.


The Queen's Head design measures 12cm high by 8.5cm wide and comes with a white heart, with the number 70 on it. This can be in Platinum or Gold.


The Teacup shape measures 9cm high by 13.5 cm wide. The hanging decoration comes with a tag and button, the bookband with a label, each of which can be personalised with the wording of your choice.


The Mug design measures 9.5cm high by 11cm wide and come with the sample personalisation options as the teacup.


Hanging decorations come slightly padded, with co-ordinated ribbons approx 10cm long, the bookbands with elastic. Wording on each item can be printed in Platinum or Gold.


All my decorations are made by hand in my Sussex studio.


EB Jubilee Decorations & Bookbands

Wording Colour
  • As the outer layer of these decorations are paper, please avoid moisture or contact with water.

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